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Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor

Toyota installed gear driven transfer cases in 4 cylinder pickups and 4Runners from 1979 through 1995. Speed sensors were not used as standard equipment in these rigs until about 1992. Speed sensors from chain driven t-cases don’t fit gear driven t-cases. This means that swapping out a chain driven case in favor of a gear driven unit, in a 1992 or newer Toyota, will require a speed sensor.

Inchworm Gear carries the factory Toyota sensor to fit gear driven cases, but has also developed a far more economical solution with our Speed Sensor Adapter. The adapter attaches to the speedometer cable drive of the gear driven transfer case and allows you to utilize the internal components of the speed sensor from your original chain driven t-case. Our adapter is machined from 6061 billet aluminum on our own CNC milling machines and can be purchased as a kit (*requires a bit of Epoxy and 15 minutes of your mad fab skills) or pre-assembled with the speedometer cable drive already installed.

Kit Includes:
Adapter Plate
Instruction Sheet
Part Numbers:
160-4006 – Speed Sensor Adapter*
160-4007 – Speed Sensor Adapter – Assembled

December 20, 2013